The Difference between Windows and Linux Hosting: Which One Should I Choose

If you need a hosting account, you need to decide which one you should choose first! Discover the difference between Windows and Linux hosting.

About Windows and Linux Hosting

Linux and Windows are totally different types of OS or operating systems. When it comes to the operating system for web servers, Linux is without a doubt the most popular and used OS. This fact proves that Linux has more features and it is more suitable to use than Windows OS.

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According to experts, unless you don’t have a website that needs a specific Windows applications, Linux is the best option for you.

The Difference between Windows and Linux Hosting

In order to choose the right type of account for your website, you need to select the type of hosting account that suits your website needs and your plan on how you want to build your website. We are going to present you the main differences between Linux and Windows so you can decide better:

Linux is known as a free open source system which means that web hosting providers should not pay license fees to use Linux as a hosting operating system.

Windows, on the other hand, is not a free open source system.

Linux is also known for its stability, reliability, and efficiency. If you are going to use Python, PHP, Perl, or CGI, we recommend you to Linux Hosting. If you are planning on designing a more dynamic site, then you probably are going to use ASP which means that Windows Hosting is a more convenient choice.

Windows hosting has fewer apps when compared to Linux hosting and their apps belong to licensed providers. In other words, they are no free and you will have to pay for them.

Linux utilizes control panels such as WHM and cPanel, while Windows utilizes Plesk. Even though we also have trust in the stability and efficiency of the Linux platform, Windows servers can be equally efficient. There is no dramatic difference when it comes to the speed and we all know that the loading speed can affect other factors such as the scripting language and the amount of data used.

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A Final Word

Linux hosting is suitable for almost all of your hosting needs, while Windows supports many development tools, so it is your choice to decide which type of hosting suits you more.

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